Social and Recreation

The core of our social programme remains our practice sessions, club target days, workshops, committee meetings, something on every day, so plenty of regular contact! Various Facebook groups, informal social outings, fundraising events and a willingness to share each others successes mean we spend a lot of time together.

However some highlights of more formally arranged activities.

Group trips to tournaments, including Ontarget, Nimes & Las Vegas.

We had a great time at our  lazer tag evenings.

We have held successful Racing evenings at the Hucclecote Centre, lots of laughs, great for fundraising too!

Other events included:

  • Easter Fun Shoot and Egg hunt.
  • Junior Fish & Chips Evening.
  • Club Camping Weekend.
  • Boule Tournament.
  • Team Building Activities

We held a number of social fun shoots, a couple of members special parties and an official opening event for the new clubhouse and social terracing.

Excellent support for our opening.
Excellent support for our opening.

We support each other when we have been nominated for awards ensuring there is always Deer Park Archers representation.

Junior Ladies Team Representatives at the Awards Dinner.
Junior Ladies Team Representatives at the Awards Dinner.

It’s interesting that when formal social events are listed they do not seem that many and yet the sheer enjoyment and friendship at our practice sessions makes everything feel so regular!