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We have a major fundraising programme in operation at the moment. We always have targeted activities raising funds for volunteer development, specialist equipment, hiring external expertise, starting new projects and innovations  etc however we are currently raising funds to complete two key projects: all year round accessible surface to the shooting line and the purchase of field course area to make it sustainable.

We will not compromise our values of keeping our club inclusive and affordable and seeking to maintain that by hard work, creative programmes, establishing partnerships and quality management practices!

Background and detail.

The art of good sustainable fundraising is to achieve it whilst having a good time (so it is almost unnoticed!) and that it strikes a balance giving lots of opportunities through the hard work of the club volunteers, for those outside of the club to put ‘their hands in their pockets’. If we continually ask the same club members to contribute financially, we might as well just ask for cash donations!

So many fundraising activities will have a dual purpose but often offer a good opportunity to raise funds. Some of the pure social events may make a profit but the focus is slightly different, likewise some of the following will have a strong social focus, a strong tournament focus etc.

Some of the events are aimed at raising funds purely for external charities, some sharing proceeds with external charities but all have club social and team building benefits!

  • Regular Club Quizes and club merchandising
  • Annual Sponsored Swim (Swimarathon in conjunction with the Round Table)
One of our Swimarathon Teams, 2 teams this year as part of our fundraising initiative.

One of our Swimarathon Teams, 2 teams this year as part of our fundraising initiative.

  • Open community have-a-go sessions.
  • Horse Racing Evenings – Great Social event but motivated by fundraising.
  • Carboot sale – Collect good items, send a group of cars to the carboot event.
  • Local fete – All day
  • Bag Packing at Asda.
  • Tetbury Fete – 2 stalls all day.
  • Sponsored Memory Walk
Some of the walkers that took part, great afternoon.

Some of the walkers that took part, great afternoon.

  • Sponsored Zumba event.
  • Grand Raffle.
  • General Club efficiencies including active Training Centre and facilities hire.
  • Top class practice sessions that attract high attendance and therefore target fees.
  • Already operating Easy Funding System – Campaign to increase use by members.
  • All our record Status Tournaments, refreshments and raffles are structured to raise funds.

We are forming a separate volunteer group to arrange a series of club target days, dual purpose but will raise funds in the process.